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I always feel the music is a kind of a channeling. Where do the melodies and tunes come from? Which kind of knowledge do we plug in moments of inspiration? Isn’t music anyway an expression of the universal laws of harmony? When I met Geoffrey Hoppe the first time more then 10 years ago I immediately realized the synergy between my music and his channeling. It felt like tapping into the same space and expressing it here with sound and there with a spoken message. Since then there has been so many amazing music & channel experiences together in live events as well as in studio recordings.

Yoham is the musical expression of that synergy; we become channels for the music to serve the expansion of consciousness. The term Yoham means ‘the voice of Metatron’ and the music of Yoham is much more an experience than a performance. It reveals a musical and spiritual dimension beyond styles and definition. Yoham is expressing the freedom and beauty of the moment, the sounds and harmonies in the interaction with the present moment, the audience and the place. Yoham offers you a sacred space of music to dive into, inviting you to expand and journey into the infinite ocean of consciousness. Welcome to an amazing listening experience!



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Cooperation with Shaumbra and the Crimson Circle (CC).

Yoham is providing the music for many CC live events since 2007, created a number of recordings of ‘new energy music’ and is musically supporting the process of awakening and transformation based on the teachings and materials of the CC. Yoham helps facilitating a sacred space and became an integral part of many workshops and the global community of Shaumbra.

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