M u s i c   I n s p i r i n g   C o n s c i o u s n e s s

Gerhard Fankhauser , Einat Gilboa & Amir Ya’acoby


The music of Yoham- project is much more an experience than a performance; full of life, spirit and joy. It reveals a musical and spiritual dimension beyond styles and definition. Their concerts are journeys from stillness to trance with magical strings, percussion and voices, acoustic sounds as well as electronic ambience! It is truly music that inspires consciousness with a heartfelt chemistry and synchronicity of the band. Yoham is expressing the freedom and beauty of the moment, the sounds and harmonies they receive in the interaction with the present moment, the audience and the place.

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This new album of Yoham – project is a series of musical journeys. Recorded live, each track expresses the playfulness, depth and magic of the moment. The sounds of this HD recording are spacious and crystal clear, received from a pure source of inspiration and performed with elegance, heart and musical genius. Yoham offers you a sacred space of music to dive into, inviting you to expand and journey into the infinite ocean of consciousness. Welcome to an amazing listening experience!


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Cooperation with Shaumbra and the Crimson Circle (CC).

Yoham is providing the music for many CC live events since 2007, created a number of recordings of ‘new energy music’ and is musically supporting the process of awakening and transformation based on the teachings and materials of the CC. There is a magical synergy happening between the changeling of Geoffrey Hoppe & Linda Benyo and our music. Yoham helps facilitating a sacred space and became an integral part of many workshops and a musical expression of the ‘new energy’. For more albums and collaborations with the CC please visit the CC web store;