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The story of Urfan concerns the timeless quest to discover the deepest secrets of life: the source of true happiness and spiritual realisation. The book is about the ‘journey’ back home to ourselves, about going beyond cultural and religious conditionings and finding true inspiration, freedom and ultimately enlightenment. It is about the magic of music, the beauty of nature and the exquisity of art, philosophy and mysticism and of course about Love.

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It was already deep into the night but Urfan could not find sleep. This was not a night to sleep, but a time to pause for dreams and inner reflection even though the end of his journey seemed so near at hand. At peace with himself, he sat still by the fire looking into the red blaze and watching the flames as they slowly but relentlessly consumed everything, as he had done during thousands of nights before. Night closed around him like an old, familiar coat; a cloak of stillness and darkness and one which time and time again brought relieving peace, and helped him release the day’s events into his world of dreams. On this particular night, it seemed to him that each and every event from his former life passed before his spiritual eyes, following an inner truth and direction as these neared their time for integration. Urfan’s companions were sleeping deeply; both Salim and Anna lay wrapped in their blankets by the fire with the glow from the flames reflecting on their peaceful faces.

They had become really close friends on this journey and for both of them, he would do anything. But on this particular night there was actually nothing to do apart from keeping watch, like an owl over its domain, in order to be aware of anything that might happen and thus be prepared for any danger lurking in the shadows of the night like an ambush under cover of darkness. Urfan knew he could confidently lay himself down to sleep, feeling completely at ease, and that everything would be fine. Yet, he was wide awake, letting his mind travel to landscapes from his memories, feeling the invisible net in which all his experiences were woven together. Songs of the night accompanied his inner reverie, while the familiar sounds of the forest, the nocturnal cries of the animals, the rustling leaves and the sweet gurgling sounds of a nearby stream swirled in his thoughts like a mantra or protective prayer. It was not really his thing to pray: in its place he preferred music. Besides, he had two devout companions who prayed enough for all three of them! If he had learnt one thing on his journey it was that each person should experience the Divine in their own way.



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In this e-book  Gerhard Fankhauser shares with you timeless teachings about the mystery of music, harmony and sound as well as personal insights and magical experiences during many years of music- and travel adventures. It contains the essence of the ‘Mystery School of Music’ teachings, delightful stories and express a sincere dedication to music as a path for healing, transformation and peace.

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Wise men throughout the ages have considered music to be a sacred art and a bridge between earth and heaven. Beyond all cultural and religious differences, beyond nationality, profession and age there is a longing we all know; the longing for harmony. Music reveals that universal law of harmony and speaks directly to our soul. Music carries a timeless wisdom and for some of the great masters of science and mysticism, such as Pythagoras, the universe was based on musical principals; a great divine harmony or symphony of vibration. In many of the holy books of mankind the infinite sound is the first expression of the divine spirit, the nada brahma of the Vedas, the word of the Bible or the abstract sound of the Sufis.

Music and the great mystery are forever interwoven and one does not exist without the other. Sound and rhythm are the main primal forces that bring the universe into manifestation, and by sound and vibration the divine force creates and moves throughout existence. One of the greatest secrets of music is to be found within each tone and its overtones or harmonics. Overtones in their essence are pure harmonies or codes of harmony and carry great healing power. Overtone singing is a transcendental art and leads into a more universal and transpersonal sphere of ourselves. Overtones reveal the law of vibration, and because all life is in a state of vibration, harmonics offer a great insight into fundamental principals of harmony of creation and existence.

In its very essence, making music is a primal experience of reunion with nature and spirit, renewing and balancing our energies and providing us with tools for our spiritual growth and vision. By making music, singing, playing, drumming or dancing we establish an immediate resonance to nature and the Divine, plug into something grander than ourselves, and experience the field of vibration and harmony that we are. Learning to listen, feel, breath, tone, sing, move and dance is very helpful in creating happiness and a peaceful life. Through clear intention and practise we can unlock the blocks within our body, mind and spirit, and balance and heal ourselves.

Music is the religion of the heart, the universal language bridging all the different traditions. It is our prayer and devotion, a celebration and marriage between mind and feeling, a melting and dissolving of the borders and separation between people, cultures and religions. There is no better way than music for the sacred communion to take place and religion has always used music to provide the sacredness and harmonic field connecting and uniting all. Music is a big ocean to dive into and experience a taste of harmony, beauty and love.

This is a time of great transformation, and mankind and the planet are facing major challenges. In this decade of human history, a grand cosmic cycle comes to an end and marks a new area to come, a new age of human civilization. Humanity has to align itself to a higher vibration of consciousness, to a new energy. The role of music in this evolution is a very important one, for music can help us with the process of new alignment and to stay in harmony with ourselves and mother earth. Music is sacred and can be the carrier wave for a new consciousness, bringing healing, peace and unity for ourselves, humanity and the planet.