The Peace Concerts

Peace Concerts1

These are not concerts for peace but an experience of peace; a sharing of a peaceful music, message and consciousness. Einat and Gerhard create a heartfelt and inspiring musical space for the audience to tune in, dream and experience something precious and real; a moment of harmony, listening and presence.


In 2005 Gerhard Fankhauser initiated the first Peace Concert Tour in the mountains of Salzburg, the birth place of Gerhard. Since then this tour became an annual event in the region with concerts and workshops in the summer. Gerhard & Einat share more than music in these events; they share a message of peace and their harmony and as a couple, as man and woman. Their integrity and respect for each other is heartfelt on stage as well as in the music. Their message of simplicity, love and respect to nature and all beings is authentic and real.

Musically they journey through various styles and musical landscapes painted by the graceful vocal expression of Einat and the exquisite string playing of Gerhard as well as their harmonizing voices. A touch of electronic ambience and soft percussion completes the profound and deep musical experience. Most of their tunes are their own compositions influenced from Indian, Middle eastern, Brazilian – and Native tribal music.

‘Music is the universal language of the heart. It makes this world a better place’