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Mystic Traveler coverORYOM – Mystic Traveler

is the new program and album of ORYOM. It is a heart felt expression of sacred music blending shamanic elements and chants from different traditions with mystical songs, overtone singing, soulful strings and gentle voicing.  Mystic Traveler is worldmusic with an Indian, Middle eastern, Native and Brazilian touch; a blend of pure acoustic sounds mixed with soft electronics; ancient spirit & contemporary expression; welcome to a joyful and deep music experience!




SKY BELOW – music beyond the horizon

This new album of Yoham – project is a series of musical journeys. Recorded live, each track expresses the playfulness, depth and magic of the moment. The sounds of this ‘High Definition’ recording are spacious and crystal clear, received from a pure source of inspiration and performed with elegance, heart and musical genius.  Yoham offers you a sacred space of music to dive into, inviting you to expand and journey into the infinite ocean of consciousness. Welcome to an amazing listening experience!