Mystery School of Music

The ORYOM – MYSTERY SCHOOL OF MUSIC is based on our vision of teaching, practising and sharing music as a tool for healing and transformation. We invite you into the temple of music, the universal religion of the heart, and into an experience of it’s extraordinary mystery. Music reveals the fundamental principles of harmony and teaches us how to tune in, express ourselves and share a sacred communion of heart and spirit. The Mystery School programs provide an inspiring and safe ground to go beyond our mind into a state of pure being, healing and presence, to expand and blossom into the beauty and magnificence of our full potential. We use the power of music, sound, voice, rhythm and dance to elevate our being and expand into a larger space of consciousness and harmony.


Music is the religion of the heart and a universal language bridging all the different traditions. There is no better way for a sacred communion and an experience of harmony, beauty and peace.


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The ORYOM – MYSTERY SCHOOL OF MUSIC is not a school in a traditional way. It is a sanctuary of music and within that sacred space healing and transformation can happen. The Music is our guide; sound, voice, movement and   dance our tools to experience wholeness and a precious communion of heart and spirit. It is a place where you can allow yourself to be who you are and to blossom into your full potential, to realize your own divinity and become whole.

The word ORYOM is deeply connected with the ancient mysteries and the spiritual inheritance of mankind. OR comes from the Hebrew tradition and means light . The OM is one of the most important Sanskrit mantras from the Vedic tradition of India, meaning the ‘infinite sound’ or ‘universal sound’. The Y is an equivalent to the Greek lambdoma, a secret symbol of Pythagoras expressing the universal harmony of all existence. The Y also symbolizes a human figure and stands for ‘receiving’.