Mystery School Background

by Gerhard Fankhauser

mbg2newMystery Schools in the old times have mostly been secret communities in secluded places away from society and mass consciousness; protected sanctuaries to pursue the higher purpose of self- realization, mystical enquiry and finally enlightenment.  Nowadays not so many secret places are left and also not many secrets; the Internet gives access to the information of nearly everything that’s happening all over the world, unlimited research to any subject and a summery of all knowledge of mankind. Nevertheless, the desire and wish to pursue the timeless mysteries and find a deeper meaning to our human existence is ever present and needed as life evolves with more and more speed and complexity.

MBG7newMy own journey and reconnection to Mystery Schools happened during my travels in Asia in my early twenties. I stayed around five years in India, Nepal, Pakistan, China, Thailand and Indonesia and went into an adventure that entirely changed my live and being. Traveling off the tourist roads and with nearly no money, led entirely by the music and my heart, I came across some of the present day, living mystery schools. I visited and stayed with shamans and yogis in their caves and hermitages in the Himalayas, spent time in secluded ashrams and monasteries and journeyed far into worlds of mystery and spirit. My life had become a pilgrimage and the meetings with those remarkable people and places had opened a path of awakening and remembering.

mbg3newThose years of adventures had been blessed with many magical experiences with and through the music that led me to a deep enquiry about the power of music and sound. I came across Sufis and the mystical teachings of grand Sufi master Hazrat Inayat Khan that opened my consciousness towards the timeless mysteries of music and my own healing music path. He was a master of Indian classical music in the early twentieth century and got enlightened through the practice of music. He had realized the grand music of the cosmos and his master told him to stop playing and start to teach, tuning the hearts and minds of people to the universal harmony of all existence.

mbg5newLater on back in Europe my musical studies and research led me to the mysterious figure of grand master Pythagoras. Not only was he a mathematician and scientist, but a musician, priest and mystic as well and the music for him was a key in understanding the basic principals of harmony that the whole universe was based on. His teachings and supreme understanding of sound, number & geometry as an inner grid and matrix of all existence was a key for many later generations of science, esoteric schools and secret lodges.  Music played a key role in his own Mystery School and the secret knowledge of the Pythagorean Lambdoma (Y) as a cosmic-harmonic diagram became a pillar for my own realization of the universal principles of music.

It was on one of my pilgrimages to Mt. Sinai that I received a first vision of creating a Mystery School of Music and around the same time I came to meet with the Crimson Circle and the teachings of Tobias and Adamus St. Germain. 

mbg6newThe teachings of Adamus St. Germain, who was known as the mysterious count St. Germain in the 18th century in Europe, and especially his talks about the ancient mystery schools brought back to me more and more memories of my personal history and involvement in mystery schools of the past and a deeper understanding of my vocation towards the mystery of music in this lifetime. In 2009 I wrote the book ‘The mystery of music, harmony & healing’- a collection of mystical teachings and stories from my travel adventures – and in the following years the vision of the Mystery School of music started to slowly take form.

Life is mysterious and truly an adventure and the Mystery School  shall be a magical playground to inspire, experience, express, share and realize our own divinity, visions and dreams.