Gerhard Fankhauser

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 Gerhard Fankhauser

 LOG0miniis a musician, guitarist, writer and composer from Austria. His musical path is more the way of a troubadour and mystic and during his many years of travel he has studied and integrated musical styles from various traditions. Gerhard lived and traveled throughout Europe, Asia, and America and became strongly influenced by the music of the Mediterranean, India, Brazil and the Middle East. His encounters with Yogis, Sufis and Shamans opened him up to the mysteries of music and paved the way to his own healing music path.  Gerhard is an accomplished guitarist, a virtuoso on the spanish lute (lauta) and a master in the art of overtone singing.  Since 1995 he performs and teaches all over the world, recording, producing CD’s, guiding workshops, music retreats and is fully dedicated to a spiritual music way. He is the author of two books, the creator of various music & peace projects and founder of the ‘mystery school of music’.


Tempel India

“I was born in a small village in the mountains of Austria and started playing music in my early youth shortly after my father had passed away; the music was a form of healing for me from the very beginning. After some years in rock bands, city life and university, I left Austria at the age of 21 and began  a journey and quest. Many years in Asia followed and a great time of music, spiritual growth and tasting the great mystery. Based in the Himalayas, life was full of magical meetings with extraordinary people, sacred places, solitude and the wilderness and I found one of my personal  masters and guides, Sufi master Hazrat Inayat khan and the  healing music way. Many years I only played for the mountains & forests, sunsets and moonrises, in temples and lonely villages for a few friends. On this new path I became a pilgrim of music, playing for the spirit, joy and devotion. Life is wonderful and I feel thankful for every moment of this amazing journey and especially for all the healing moments in the energetic realms of music. I spent many years studying the secret doctrines of music and harmony, Pythagoras, the Vedas, Sufism as well as harmonic science and I am convinced of the significance of music for the evolution of mankind. Music starts where the words end. It is a sacred gift. We can return to mother earth and share in our hearts, a beautiful answer to the great mystery of life. Music is my religion and the deepest communion with the divine.”

Gerhard Fankhauser