Einat Gilboa

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 LOG0minia singer and dancer from Israel, graduated the school of visual theatre in Jerusalem in the year 2002 where she studied theatre, body work and voice art. She is highly developed in the shamanic art of overtone singing and strongly influenced by the sacred music of the Hebrew tradition as well as Indian, Tribal and Gipsy music. Over the years Einat has cultivated her own unique vocal style. In the field of dance she integrates elements of oriental belly dancing and tribal dance into an holistic, free form of expression. Einat guides and teaches voice and dance workshops, prayer singing circles and retreats. Since 2003 she has been performing and teaching together with her partner Gerhard Fankhauser on different projects of the healingworldmusic community around the world, sharing the musical message of universal harmony and peace.

Einat's temple

Since childhood I was very attracted to music and theatre and used to spend hours singing and dancing (like all the children of this world…).  At the age of eight I started to learn piano and to attend classes for acting and dance. Later on in high school and university I continued opening up to those arts of expression. With the help of inspiring teachers, artists and true spiritual guides I deepened my communion with the world of sound and voice.  I realized that the inner journey I walked, the language that had opened up through these arts and the sacred moments of tuning in and touching the great mystery were more precious and meaningful than artistic expectations and conceptions. Surrendering to these feelings I made a conscious choice of simply wishing to sing and dance, thus allowing divinity to shine and spread its wings  through my body  and voice. Guided by the inner voice of my heart I kept developing and creating my unique way of work, dedicating myself to the path of music and healing.During my years of partnership with Gerhard I have received inspiration and knowledge in the field of music, healing and overtone singing. By travelling and performing around the globe we live the way of music as a bridge between different traditions, places and people, shining universal love through the male female reflection. Guiding and serving those moments, occasions and projects became my true wish and delight.

With love, Einat