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ORYOM is the musical project of Gerhard Fankhauser and his wife Einat Gilboa.  For 15 years they perform together, give concerts, guide music circles, workshops and retreats, travel and share their consciousness of music as a healing and transforming art all over the world. Gerhard and Einat are musical messengers of peace and the creators of the annual summer peace concert tour in Austria as well as various healing music projects in Israel. Their music and spirit is a heartfelt statement of universal consciousness and always leaves a lasting impression.


‘Music is the religion of the heart and a universal language bridging all cultures and traditions. Our vision and passion is one of creating, teaching and sharing music as a tool for healing and transformation. In our concerts, workshops and retreats we provide an inspiring and safe space to experience the timeless mystery of music and share the sacred communion of heart and spirit. Let us use the power of music, voice, rhythm and sound to elevate our being and expand with our consciousness, tuning into the magical symphony of life.

Gerhard & Einat’




gerhard111Gerhard Fankhauser  vocals, guitar, lauta

Gerhard is a musician, guitarist, songwriter and composer from Austria. His musical path is the way of a present day troubadour and mystic. During the last 20 years he lived, traveled and performed throughout Europe, Asia, and America and became strongly influenced by the music of the Mediterranean, India, Brazil and the Middle East. Gerhard is an accomplished guitarist, a virtuoso on the Spanish lute (lauta) and a master in the art of overtone singing.


Einat Gilboa   vocals, percussion, dance

Einat is a heartfelt and accomplished singer from Israel. She is highly developed in the shamanic art of overtone singing and strongly influenced by the sacred music of the Hebrew tradition as well as Indian, Tribal and Gipsy music. She studied theatre, body work and voice art and with the years cultivated her own unique and touching vocal style. In the field of dance she integrates elements of oriental- and tribal dances into a free form of expression.


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